Quality Control

Q.C profile

We Boyal Industrial Pte methodically maintain our quality assurance system, in addition to our advanced inspection and analysis facilities.
Boyal Industrial Pte ’s quality controls are traced at source through the metallurgical and chemical composition, mechanical properties, to production processing into turning, heat treatment, grinding and assembly.

The process flow is well supervised in order to ensure that the finished products maintain quality specifications as demanded by our customers.

Professional Staff

All staff are fully-trained and experts in bearings. Most have been with us for 5-6 years and all manufacturing adheres to the ISO quality standard.

QC/Technical Support:

Materials/Components:All materials such as, rollers, cages, inner rings, outer rings and accessories are supplied by quality and reputable steel companies.
Procedures/testing Details:Inspections are undertaken throughout the whole production process and adhere to the ISO standard and third parties.